Rita Ros-Planas, ESQ.

Attorney Rita Ros-Planas has been practicing law full time since 1985 and is committed to protecting the rights and interests of individuals facing family law, personal injury and criminal legal disputes. She provides personalized service, focused on achieving desired results for every client. From your initial consultation, she will take the time to understand your unique position, including your long-term goals and objectives. She works collaboratively with clients to devise legal solutions that suit your time and budget constraints, while also protecting your rights.

With her extensive record as a public defender and attorney in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake areas, she is familiar with the judges, knows the court system, and knows how to use that experience to the advantage of every client. In addition to her experience in law, she holds a Master’s of Science in Psychology, allowing her to understand and work with psychologists and social workers who may become involved in family law or criminal matters. Since 1989, Ms. Ros-Planas has been a mediator, working with individual clients and their families to effectively develop lasting solutions to family legal disputes.

Ms. Ros-Planas is originally from Cuba and is fluent in Spanish, her native language. She can assist the Hispanic community in all of their legal matters.


Family Law, Divorce, Custody & Visitation, Separation & Property Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, Marital Agreements, Child & Spousal Support, Equitable Distribution, Adoption, Immigration, Criminal Defense, Traffic Violations, DUI/DWI, Personal Injury, Mediation


  • William & Mary Law School, Williamsburg, VA, Doctor of Jurisprudence 1985
  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, Master of Science 1980
  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, Bachelor of Science 1978
  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, Bachelor of Art 1982


  • Mediation Training
  • Guardian Ad Litem (“GAL”)


  • Spanish & English


  • Teaching Assistantship, Old Dominion University, Psychology Department 1978-1980
  • Member, Phi Sigma Phi Scholastic Honor Society 1978
  • Old Dominion University Outstanding Foreign Language Student Award 1980
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Old Dominion University Undergraduate & Graduate Degree
  • William & Mary Law School Regional Competition Representative in Client Counseling 1983
  • William & Mary Law School Regional Competition Representative in Trial Advocacy 1984


  • Virginia, 1985


  • Phi Sigma Phi


  • Virginia State Bar Association, Member
  • Virginia Beach Bar Association, Member
  • Virginia Beach Bar Association Seatack Elementary School Mentoring Program, Member
  • Virginia Beach CLASS Program (Counsel Advocating Spousal Safety) Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, Pro Bono Attorney
  • Virginia Beach Bar Association, Member, Mentor Committee
  • YWCA, Former Board Member
  • Virginia Beach Chamber of Commerce, Former Member, Sister Cities Project Committee
  • Hispanic-American Society of Tidewater, Former Officer and Board Member
  • Multicultural Alliance of Tidewater, Former Member
  • Tidewater Legal Aid Society Pro Bono Panel, Former Member Attorney
  • Tidewater Legal Aid Society, Former Board Member
  • Virginia Beach Bar Association, Former Member, Domestic Relations District Court Liaison Committee


  • Psychology Dept., Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, Research Assistant 1977-1978
  • Psychology Dept., Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, Teaching Assistant 1978-1980
  • Tidewater Legal Aid Society, Norfolk, Virginia Legal Extern 1983
  • Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, Legal Extern 1983
  • Public Defender Office’s, City of Virginia Beach Assistant Public Defender 1984
  • Part-time, Free Lance Translator 1979-1984
  • Phillips & Planas, General Law Practice 1985-1990
  • Rita Ros-Planas, Esquire, PC, General Law Practice 1990 to 2015


“Ms. Ros-Planas, thank you so much for your assistance. I would not be in the position I am now if it was not for you. I am extremely pleased with every move and discussion we made throughout the negotiations. Everything seemed to fall into place the way we wanted it to. It is very comforting to know that my daughter will always be able to count on her father being an every day part of her life. I am forever thankful to you.” – Ryan M.

“Ms. Ros-Planas has never lost a case for my clients over a 20 year professional relationship.
Having represented individuals in my family involving very complex issues such as identity theft and domestic relations problems, Ms. Ros-Planas has proven to be sensitive and compassionate to her clients and a tough-as-nails attorney to opposing counsel. Her ability to present cases in the court room is a pleasure to watch. She can’t be intimidated. Intelligent, quick, fair-minded and possessing a devilish sense of humor Ms. Ros-Planas makes it a little easier when dealing with stressful court hearings. She loves the law and the process and takes her time educating her clients and protecting children. She has her priorities straight.” – J.C.

“In my experience, Rita Ros-Planas, Esq. is one of the most capable attorneys I have ever met. Her intelligence, compassion, sense of humor and incredible ability to think on her feet serve her well in her profession. When I had an unexpected legal crisis she not only handled the situation, but she also managed to put my mind at ease and restore my sense of humor. I have complete confidence in her ability to handle complex legal problems.” – C.F.

“I consider Rita my family attorney – for life. She has been with my family, supported us, provided advice and legal representation over the last 10 years. She has been by our side and helped us through many life-changing events. Her heart-centered and child-focused application of family law was brilliant during a difficult child custody case. We have been in several automobile accidents in the last ten years, and Rita Ros-Planas has helped us navigate the complicated world of insurance, medical bills and injury settlements. In these cases her focus is on getting us back to health as soon as possible. She has successfully won fair and equitable settlements that cover all of the resulting bills and compensate us fairly for the pain suffered. Ms. Ros-Planas has been by our side when there have been deaths in the family, helping us with funeral arrangements and estate settlement. Her brilliant skill in applying the law is rivaled only by the depth and breadth of her heart. I highly recommend Rita Ros-Planas without reservation.” – H.S.

“I was in shock when my spouse announced he wanted to end our marriage of almost ten years. He stated that he no longer wanted the responsibilities of his life. Suddenly, my life had changed. I had become a single parent, totally responsible for somehow helping my child get through this as a whole person. A sole bread winner. My dreams for the future of my family had disappeared with a few sentences. During this time, I was blessed to find Rita. Rita is extremely knowledgeable in divorce law. She will assist you in becoming very knowledgeable regarding your case and your situation. Rita will be an advocate for you and your children. She will not let you lose yourself during one of the most trying times of your life. Rita will not leave you waiting to hear from her. Truly a comfort. Most importantly, Rita will always help to keep focus on the important issue(s) of your case. For me, that was my son and our new family – four years now on our own. Happy to be our new family.” – Anne

“Ms. Ros-Planas’ law firm is excellent. Her advice was always right on. She was there for every court appearance and had the tenacity to continue when I thought I might give up. Her staff provides professional, courteous support. My divorce situation was one of the worst imaginable. Yet, Ms. Ros-Planas worked to obtain the best situation for my children. She truly cares and has the experience with divorce court proceedings. She can lead you ably through the process. She represented me for over 4 years through many, many court appearances. I highly recommend her to anyone considering her services. In my opinion, she is the best in the Hampton Roads area.” – L.M.

“I was faced with starting a divorce and that led to a very difficult and strange child custody case. I was joking around with a “Snap On” tools dealer, telling him the only thing I needed that day was a good divorce lawyer. He gave me a serious look and gave me Rita’s number. I called and set up a consultation. I can now look back after finishing the custody case and very close to the end of the divorce and see that the tool dealer was right. Rita Ros-Planas took very good care of my daughter and my interests during all of this. She has a very good court presence and is well known throughout the court community. I will and have recommended her to others to take care of their legal needs.” – A.W.

“I was referred to Rita by a close friend who had been her client. After six years of conflict and unpleasantness created by my soon to be ex-wife, which I endured only because of my children and in their best interest, I had come to the end of my patience. With Rita’s understanding of my situation, diligence, tenacity and attention to detail, freedom for my children and me is close at hand. I thank Rita and the extraordinary staff at her law office, particularly her paralegal, Lera Jones. I am forever grateful as a client.” – B.K.

“When I came to see Attorney Rita Ros-Planas for a grandchild custody case consultation, I was very impressed with her professionalism and her expertise. She made me feel very comfortable during our hour long session. Ms. Ros-Planas explained to me my chances of winning my case, explained up front the pros and cons and made practical recommendations. She kept me informed about any changes in my case and court dates. Attorney Ros-Planas is a very confident person in the courtroom. During the trial she communicated by softly speaking or she asked me to write notes to her. The qualities and experience she possesses are exceptionally helpful. Most of all she is a very compassionate person who really cares about her clients. She reminds me of tiger that fights for her cubs.” – Silvina

“If you think your case is complicated to the point of no return, do not worry—there is hope. Ms. Rita Ros-Planas was extremely valuable resolving the issues of this challenging case. I was court ordered to pay an excessive and unfair amount in child support (about half of my income). I was made legally responsible for a child that was not biologically mine. To confuse matters even more, the issue of jurisdiction was a total mess. No court would hear my case. I was $15,000 in arrears due to this injustice. I needed help with child support, custody, visitation, and paternity. I was frustrated, annoyed, and stressed with the process. I was now remarried with a new baby. I had drafted letters to Senators, Congressmen, and other dignitaries with hopes of a better outcome. I was referred to Ms. Ros-Planas by a co-worker/friend who had previously used her as his lawyer. She never denied the difficulties surrounding my case but she worked hard looking for solutions. She never gave up! She is my family angel sent from heaven! ” – Timothy

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