Strong Female Attorneys Representing You

We are known as lady sharks. Once rivals, we are now three sharks in the same tank combining our strengths to form the FHR law firm.

Who we are.

At Fuller, Hadeed, & Ros-Planas, our clients experience the value of our personalized service and the attention that we give to every case. With numerous years of legal experience, it is clear to our firm that every client faces unique challenges and every case has a different set of demands. We take into consideration your position, your goals, and the individual circumstances surrounding your case and develop a tailored legal solution to protect your rights during our representation in your legal matters.

We use a "client-attorney collaborative model" in our relationships with clients, meaning that, while we explore with our clients the consequences of taking diverse trial strategies or avenues for resolution, the client's decision and wishes are always paramount. You can trust that we will defer to your best interests and consult with you before making important decisions about the direction of your case. Our dedicated staff gives personalized attention to all our cases. Our staff is composed of three attorneys and three paralegals.




Hadeed, ESQ.

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Fuller, ESQ.

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Ros-Planas, ESQ.

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Our Mission

To be prepared with zealous representation at trial, whether with a judge or by jury. To have an atmosphere of respect extending to clients and their cases, their witnesses, the attorneys and our staff because without that respect there is no relationship possible. To practice law in a positive environment that includes celebration for victories, learning from that rare defeat, fun, humor, warmth and compassion. To remember it is the client's lives, not ours, and as such, they decide how to proceed on a case. All we can do is present alternatives and their possible consequences and guide them through the legal process so that they can make informed decisions regarding their case. To remember that clients who come to us not only experience legal issues but also, in a wider context, economic and emotional issues associated with their case. It is a time for growth and transformation and we should make sure we are sensitive to all these issues and that there are other professionals as needed, helping us to assist the clients through all aspects of these crossroads in their lives. We are tough litigators but want to fight only when all other avenues have failed, because litigation is very expensive and a cost-benefit analysis for the client always needs to be done first.